The Greensboro Sit-Ins were cause by the lack of integration after many unsuccessful attempts.  Four African American A + T College students went to get served at a all white restaurant called Woolworth's, although it was an all white restaurant its shop was open to anyone of any race. To illustrate their point, the four students first bought toothpaste and school supplies, carefully collecting their receipts as proof that the store would sell them things. They then took their seats at the lunch counter. When they were refused service they asked why Woolworth's would sell them toothpaste but not coffee, they then left the lunch counter. They were not heroes to all African American people though at their return to campus they were greeted as heroes. The next day, 24 students followed in their footsteps and took part at a "sit-in" at Woolworth's food bar. Two days after this, the black students were joined by white female students from North Carolina's Women's College. Throughout the Greensboro area, segregated restaurants were effected. This bold action in the African American civil rights movement lead to an increased national sentiment at a crucial period in American history. The Woolworth's store in Greensboro, NC is where the International Civil Rights Museum is.

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